One Week Down…

September 26, 2009

Week one is in the books and I’ve already crossed a couple goals off my list and started a few more. The first one I started was (#14) buy Heather (posted edited to capitalize Heather’s name, to make her more “cool” (her words)) 5 random presents. Well, last friday I bought her a t-shirt that I thought would look nice on her (and it does). I figured with her new hardcore guitar playing, she needs a rockin shirt. So I got her this one from Threadless.com. So that’s 1 of 5 done for that goal.

The Great Space Race Board Game

The Great Space Race Board Game

Another one of my goals was to (#26 )play 1 board game from every shelf in my game library.  I have 18 shelves in my game library, and some games can take up to 8 hours to play, so I imagine this goal will take some time. Anyway, our DM was absent from game night, so our DnD game got shelved for one night. (no pun intended). So the first game we decided to play was Bang!, it’s a spaghetti western type of card game. You each have certain secret goals you need to achieve to win (such as the sheriff killing the outlaws or the outlaws killing the sheriff.) Well, the first player out was my lovely wife (she was a outlaw), but the renegade and the deputy fell soon after that. That just left yours truly (and outlaw) and the sheriff. Well I’d like to say I pulled out the W in the end, but the sheriff brought me down (although it was close).
Board game 2 for the night was a fun game called The Great Space Race (see image to the right). This game involved players racing their space ships around a course as fast as possible while dodging mines, gun towers and other ships. The game took a lot longer than we thought it would, but I’m happy to report that I took the win. It was more so by default since just about everyone else blew up their ship, but it was a fun time nonetheless.

Another started goals was my (#76) try 5 new restaurants goal. Since we love to eat out, I have a feeling this one will be done REALLY quick. So tonight we decided to try out a place called Thai Garden in Schaumburg. We are meeting up with some old Willow friends and they picked the place. It was a bit of a hike to get there, but we made it in time. I ordered a Spicy Noodle dish. I told them to hold the veggies and just put chicken and beef in it (with the noodles of course). I don’t know if I just like spicy food a lot, or growing up with my spice loving father, but the spicy noodles were not very spicy. So I ladled healthy portions of some hot sauce that was in a jar on the table, which helped to give it a zing. Overall I’d say the place was just OK. I realized about halfway though, my dish was pretty similar to what I get at the Mongolian Stir Fry place down the road, which I love. Plus it would have been all you can eat, so next time I think I might suggest we go there. 🙂  But I might go back to Thai Garden, just not that often.

Now those are all great, but I bet you’re wondering if I will ever actually cross one off the list (except for my cheaty blog one). I have in fact crossed 2 off this week! One of which I’m pretty excited about. (#64) Get on the Chicago Bears season tickets waiting list. Well we signed up today for 4 season tickets. Doing a little research on the internet has led me to believe that there are at least 5000 people ahead of us on the list. And Judging by the excitement that Cutler, Forte and the rest of the offense is generating this season, I think we will be on this list for at least the next 10 years. But who knows, stranger things have happened. At least we are on there and now we play the waiting game (even though the waiting game sucks).

Heather's New SparkleyAnd the last goal I finished this week (and probably Heather’s favorite) is #17, buy Heather a nice piece of jewelry for no special occasion. Well if you know Heather, than you know she likes her sparkley jewelry. So this week, I surprised her by making her a nice dinner of Chili pepper chicken, grilled steak fries and avacado salad. I told her that I had picked up a special desert. so after dinner I brought out a small plate with a bowl on top. When she opened it, there was a little blue box with a silver bracelet inside (see photo to the right). Needless to say, she was pretty excited. I told her it was for all she has accomplished over the past year, and for being such a supportive wife for me all these years.

So that’s where I’m at after 1 week. Lets hope every week is this productive!



  1. Great job Love!
    I absolutely loooove my new bracelet! I just love telling and retelling the story and remembering my shock when I saw that little Tiffany’s box under the bowl! (BTW You still owe me dessert!)

  2. Great Space Race FTW!

    There’s about 25,000 more people in front of me on the Jets season ticket waiting list 😦

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