4 Down, baby!

June 1, 2010

Another month goes by and some more items finished. I feel like I made a little bit of progress this month as I’m actually crossing 4 items off (a record for me I think), yea me!

23. Run a DnD campaign in a campaign setting i created

So as most of you know, I play in a weekly DnD campaign. It’s my way to hang out with friends and have a “guys night” (sorry heidi). So one thing I’ve always wanted to do was run a game in a world I completely created myself. So late last year, I started writing and I fleshed out a world for my players where I created the history, rules, races and everything else. It’s a new experience for sure, as it’s all on my now (as opposed to professional writes). So far, it’s been a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see where it goes.

26. Try 10 new board games

The newest game to grace a shelf in my library is an expansion to a great game. Dominion is a really easy card game that even heather loves to play (always a bonus). Alchemy is their newest expansion. More cards, more fun. It adds some quirky new rules, but so far I like it. While not my favorite expansion for the game, it’s still a nice addition.

40. Get a physical

So my yearly physical turned out to be a 7 year one. Oops. I should really be better about that. Oh well. I’m happy to report though, that all checked out ok. My BP was surprisingly good. All the tests came back ok. The doctor did say i should eat more veggies and less fat, but what do they know. I actually laughed as the nurse was telling me that. Poor girl.

59. See the series Finale of lost

So one of my favorite shows the past few years has been LOST. If you have ever watched this show, you know it’s filled with about 1000 questions. So seeing the finally finally answered a lot of those. I, for one, really enjoyed the finale. While not the best season of the show, I ended up liking what they did a lot. I’ll avoid and spoilers, but the more I read about the show as a whole, the deeper I realize it is. So we ended up having a little LOST get together to watch the 4 house worth of finale shows. We had tropical drinks and food and even Dharma Water!

76. Try 5 new restaurants

So last weekend, we had a get together of former coworkers and we went to a place called Paulie’s Pub. Not too far from my house, I thought it wouldn’t be too bad. Unfortunately it pretty much sucked. The food was not very good, the service less so. And to make things worse, because we were on the patio, people thought it was ok to smoke. Even thought IL law says you can’t do it within 15 feet of the building. And being downwind of them, just made out night that much crappier. I suppose I’m a little spoiled ever since the smoking ban law went into effect, but it’s one of my favorite IL laws. It’s really hard to sit around a smoker without having it effect you somehow.

88. Make my own wine

So with our day off today, me and heather decided to try out the wine making kit we got for our wedding (3 years ago). So it’s going to be a month long process (at least). But we got the first step done today. I suppose it’s technically not wine yet, more so juice, but I’m calling this one done anyway. In a couple months, we’ll see how it tastes. I believe we should get 4 bottles of merlot out of this.

Well, that’s it for this month. Lots of updates. Hopefully more to come this summer. Thanks for following along!


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