State of the List Update.

October 7, 2010

As promised, I looked over my 101 list and decided to change a few things around. It’s been a year now and I’ve made some good progress. However, interests change, and somethings I just don’t want to do anymore. I went back and forth on whether I should be “allowed” to change items, but in the end, I decided this list was really about me doing things I WANT to do. If I’m not interested in doing them anymore, why force myself. This should be a fun adventure.

So on that note, out with the old and in with the new. Here is what got cut:

9. Go 1 week without swearing
I thought about this one for a while and it really just wasn’t that big of a deal for me. I don’t swear a ton (usually, unless the Bears are really sucking) and I realized it was really hard to keep track of in a given week. In the end, I was just MEH about this one, so out it went.

19. Cook 5 meals for heather of her choosing
So this one was a little odd. I cook for heather all the time, but she doesn’t really request much. She usually loves whatever I make. I asked her some times what to make and she was fairly non-committal. So in the end, I figured i’d just keep making yummy food as always. Not really list worthy (and Heather, you can always request stuff)

28. Play in an RPG other than Dungeons and Dragons
So this one came down to time. I barely have enough time to play DnD, much less another one. And I like DnD, so why bother with a different one if I have the time. That and I’ve already played a few others so it’s not like i don’t know what’s out there. This one was actually done before I started the list.

36. Go 1 month without Alcohol

Ok, I think I must have been drunk when I thought of this item. Because I love drinking my beer. I was on some medication for my back in august and had to go about 2-3 weeks without and booze. And let me tell you, that was enough of a sampling to know I want to cross this one off the list. Bring on the ale!

37. Eat a meal with vegetables twice a week for 1 monthSorry Heather, but this one is out too. I just don’t like the taste of most veggies. Good for me or not, this one only ever made the original cut because it felt like it was something I should be doing. But alas, not really interested anymore in even pretending I was looking forward to doing this one. And since the list is about doing things I am supposed to want to do, this was an easy cut.

54. Go Water skiing
This one I actually thought long and hard about, but eventually realizes that its one of those things that, if I do it, great. If not, don’t really care. May be fun, but I don’t’ really care that much. I’d rather go jet skiing anyway.

85. Introduce someone new to Sushi
This one was another MEH one. We love sushi and know lots of people that do. It just was never a big deal and felt it could be replaced with something more fun

86. Attend a wine tasting
Much like the one above, this was another MEH one. Plus, I’ve actually been to one before and they are not that exciting. I’m far from a wine snob, so anything fancy would probably be wasted on me anyway.

So that’s what got cut. Now for the fun stuff. What made it in. Originally I was going to try and choose something from the same categories that got cut, but after spending some time trying to think of ideas to fit a specific group I tossed that idea. I figured I would just choose things I want to do. Which is the goal.
So here are the new:

9. Read a spiritual/religious book other than the bible.
I like reading and I figured this would go well with my “read the new testament” goal. I’ll just have to find the right book. 

41. Visit the Bristol Renaissance Faire.
I’ve been to the “ren faire” a few times. But haven’t gone in a number of years. I’d like to go again, get a giant pickle and turkey leg, and see what’s changed.

42. Go to Midieval Times again
When I was a little Tony, I used to go all the time for special occasions. I loved it! I haven’t been back since grade school. And I found out Heather has never been either. So we are going to have to take a trip.

52. Go to a Chicago Blackhawks game
The blackhawks winning the cup last year, coupled with the winter olympics got me into hockey. I can’t watch too many games (thank you stupid dish network), so my new goal is to see them live. I went to lots of hockey games when I was at U of I, so I’m hoping this will be just as fun.

56. Try Scuba diving
When in mexico a few years ago, I got to try this briefly in a pool. I’ve always wanted to get certified. I hope I can convince heather to do this with me once her back stops sucking.

72. Learn to restring my guitar
I’m getting better at my guitar (thank you glenn). I figured this would be a good thing to know.

90. Make an “offsite” computer backup for me and heather’s laptops
This is one of those things I have always thought we really should do. We do regular computer backups (which have come in REALLY handy), but don’t have anything off site. So if our house burns down or gets robbed, the backups will go with the normal computer. I think this would be worth the relatively small investment.

91. Fill out the picture frame in our bedroom with photos
So we got a collage frame for our wedding as a present. We hung it on the wall “temporarily”  and have always meant to go back and put some actual photos in there. Well almost 4 years later, it hasn’t happened. Whoops!

So that’s it. Out with the old, in with the new. Should be a fun ride!


One comment

  1. I like the midevel times one. We should make a group family outing of this, I know I would enjoying going again! Let me know if you need a picture of me for your frame:)

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