A New Year.

January 8, 2011

Ok, so it’s been forever since I’ve made an update. Life got busy and I got last. Not a winning combination. But the good news is that I actually have been working on my list. So this update will be longer than usual as I get a whole bunch of updates in from the past few months. Here we go:

54. Go Sledding

So, while visiting my parents for Christmas, I noticed they had a big dirt hill across the street (from construction). I decided this would be a great time to get some sledding in. I got a plastic sled from my sister and went out to give it a try. I must say, it was pretty damn fun. Well, except for the walking up the hill part. I really need a tow rope. After a bit my dad came out and joined me. Between the 2 of us we had some quality runs down the hill and even managed to crack the sled (sorry Michelle). Heather even popped out to give me a beer. Sledding with a beer really is the only way to do it.

21. Get heather to do Something with her wedding dress

So this may seem silly to some, but we got married almost 4 years ago and Heather’s wedding dress has been hanging from the back of the closet door for all this time. I have gotten tired of seeing it, so I told her she had till our 4 year anniversary to do something with it or I was gonna turn it into a big parachute (ok, maybe not). But with a little more than 3 weeks to spare, she finally sent it out to get preserved (or donated, either one is fine with me). Good job baby!

28. Win the Super Bowl with the Bears on Madden Football (normal difficulty)

So this one wasn’t too rough. I like playing video games and thought this would be fun. Little did I know that the Bears would actually be in the playoffs this year. I doubt that they will finish with the undefeated record my madden team had, but I’ll be happy if they even win one playoff game this year.

30. Paint a mini for my DnD character

In our weekly game night, I’mu usually the one running the game. Well after a few years of goin, I needed a break. So I stepped down to become a player. Being a player means you get to have a mini to represent your character on the battlefield. I always enjoyed painting these guys so i figured it’d be fun to do it again. And it was, I enjoy painting these guys and need to do it more often!

72. Learn to restring my guitar

My bass strings had worn out some of their sharpness over they year or so of practice. So during one of my guitar lessons, my awesome teacher glenn gave me the tutorial on how to restring it. It was no where near as complicated as I thought it would be thankfully. Although it was a pain to retune the guitar since every string was way off. Oh well. I got some nice new strings to practice on now.

87. Drink a bottle of wine from every continent (except Antarctica)

My parents were down for a visit one month and we decided to hit up Binnys to see what they had. My last missing continent was Africa. Apparently they do drink wine in Africa. I must admit though, the wine was nothing to write home about. Maybe it was just the brand or vintage we got, but it was kinda MEH. I’ll stick with my Sake, Cabs, and Wicker-Basket Chianti thank you very much.

13. Give heather flowers 5 times

I think I probably finished this one a while ago but thats ok. Heather likes getting flowers and, as any man knows, a happy wife is a happy life. But I enjoy bringing her day up with a little treat every now and then. If only they lived longer once you got them.

35. Do 100 crunches without stopping

This one was actually a lot harder to do then I thought it would be at first. Once I got up into the 80s, my neck started to hurt. But I powered through and made it. It helped that I had been working my core muscles to help alleviate my back pain (it helped for sure).  Just need to loose a few extra pounds that have been hanging around now.

65. Sand cast my face in glass

An odd experience here. In the glass studio we have a box of sand we use for sand casting. Well every time you cast, you loose some of the sand in the box. After a few years, we were about out sand, so it was time to replenish. I figured this would be a great time to try and sandcast my face. I didn’t want to do it with the old sand as there is always bits and pieces of glass mixed in with the sand after you cast. Dangerous. So with fresh sand I gave it a go. We tried something new this time and put some saran wrap down first to avoid me getting sand in all kinds of bad places. Unfortunately the wrap didn’t work as well as I had hoped and I lost some detail. Oh well, it was still a neat experience.

99. Add 5 DVDs to my collection and watch them

This one is finally done as well. I don’t buy DVDs as much as I used too so it took a while. But over Christmas I bought a blu-ray player since they finally got cheap enough. To round out this list item, I got/watch Inception and Scott Pilgrim vs The World. If you haven’t seen either i’d highly recommend both of them. (also in the cue are Avatar and Iron Man 2).


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  1. Nice job! I should have known there was a reason for the sledding interest! I keep forgetting “the list”

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