Stairs and Beer

March 26, 2010

Almost 3 months gone by in 2010 and I can finally cross another item off the list. I’m getting close to finishing some partials as well. Slowly i’m whittling down those 101 items. On to the list items!

35. Participate in some kind of fitness challenge (race, walk, stair climb, etc…)

This was without a doubt the hardest list item I’ve done yet. (and one of the harder things i’ve done in a long time. As most fellow list followers know, I participated in the Hustle Up the Hancock this year. I climbed 94 floors of what I’d like to call pure hell. You know it’s going to be rough when you can already feel it by floor 10. I was going strong until I got into the 70s. That’s when I had to really dig deep and kick it into high gear. I’m glad it’s done though. It was quite an accomplishment. My official time was 19 minutes, 57 seconds. (placing me 1081 out of just under 3000 people). Not too bad.

41. Go 2 weeks without eating fast food

This one was not as hard as I thought it would be. My newly dubbed “slow cooker Sundays” where I’ve been trying new recipes in the crock pot have left us with lots of leftovers. So I started taking those to work a lot more. The result? Not a whole lot of change really. I thought I’d feel healthier and such but I really didn’t feel any different. It was more just a hassle. It was harder to find things for lunch when I didn’t feel like bringing one. So I’m glad it’s done. MEH.

76. Try 5 new restaurants

So this is kind of a weird story. A week or so ago we went out for tapas with another couple. We decided to try a restaurant called Tango in Naperville. We got there and were seated pretty quickly. (for those not in the know, when you go for tapas you are basically ordering a lot of appetizers, so you eat in “waves”). The waiter took our drink order and we perused the menu. That’s when things got weird. Once we placed our first order of tapas, we sat back and relaxed. After a while about 30 minutes had gone by and we only saw our waiter once more (to give us a second round of bread). Another 15 minutes go by, no food, no waiters, no updates. Finally I grab a passing one and tell him to bring me another beer. He does and brings us another round of bread. At this point we’ve been waiting for our 1st round of tapas for 45 minutes. By now, we are getting pretty fed up and the lack of food and communication. We make a deal that if the food isn’t here by the time I finish my beer, we were out of there. Another 15 minutes go by and no food. So 1 hour to cook 4 small dishes (2 of which didn’t even need to be cooked). We said forget it. I threw down some cash for our 3 beers and we walked out. Fail Tango, big time Fail. We won’t be going back there again.

Which leads me to our second restaurant, Bar Louie (also in Naperville). It now being 8pm on a saturday night in a crowded area, and we were pretty starving, we went to the closest place that could get us right in. Almost across the street was Bar Louie. We got seated right away. Ordered a round of beers, had a nacho appetizer, got our dinner and were out in 45 minutes. Now thats more like it. I had a BLTT (bacon, lettuce, turkey and tomato (which went to heather)). The food was great, the beer cold, and the wait staff really nice. I’d go back in a heart beat!

27. Play 1 board game from every shelf in the “library”

This one is not too exciting. Me and heather played a game last week and she got to pick. Scrabble was chosen. I think you all know what scrabble is so I’ll skip the description. But it was a nice relaxed game, we didn’t even keep score. We were both tired so it was nice to just hang out. We even cheated a little because someone needed a letter or two she didn’t have (not mentioning any names). It was a fun time though. So all is well.

10. Do 5 random acts of kindness

So my friend Ryan bought a new mattress and box spring for his little offspring. Needing a way to get it home (and knowing he only has little cars) I offered the use of my Honda Element. So one rainy Saturday we drove out and picked it up. It’s a good thing too. Mr. Optimism thought he could fit it in his Honda Civic. It barely fit in the “elephant.” Hope your youngin’ is enjoying his new sleeping pad.

81. Try 10 new Microbrew beers I have never tried

And lastly my beer goal I must admit I’m sad to see this one done.  My friend Ryan has been doing a great job of hooking me up with new brews to try. I’ve also been spending a good amount of time at my favorite restaurant, 2 brothers. So, on to the beers. First, from 2 brothers are their new year round offerings. Long Haul Ale and Resistance IPA. The Long Haul is probably one of my new favorite beers there. Its really, really good. The IPA was ok, but i’m not a huge IPA fan, so i wont hold it against them. I also managed to try a special offering they had. In very limited quantities, they had something called Cuvee Des Jacobins Rouge from Belgium. It was a very odd beer. Sweet and sour, tart and savory. It took about 3 sips to like it, but once i did, I thought it was really good. Next I tried my own creation.  I have a Mr. Beer kit and I made the Octoberfest beer. It actually turned out pretty good. I’m glad i have a full case of it! Lastly, I tried a beer called Canadian Sunryse. One of Ryan’s on home made beers. I think it turned out really good. I only got too bottles of it, so I’ll have to make it last (doubtful). I’ll have to smuggle a few bottles out next time I’m at his house.


Hello 2010!

February 18, 2010

Ok, I haven’t updated in a while. I was hoping to have more concrete progress to report. I have a lot of partials, but few things crossed off for good. Oh well, slow and steady wins the race. One to the list!

99. Add 5 DVDs to my collection and watch them.

A few months ago I got the movie District 9. I love Peter Jackson as a director so I figured I’d give it a shot (I heard he produced this). Success i’d say. I really liked this movie. Totally not what I expected, but it was great. I wonder if there will be a sequel. Sure has set itself up for one. A really cool Sci-Fi mock-documentary.

81. Try 10 new Microbrew beers I have never tried.

I had a lot of fun trying micro-brews these past couple of months. I can add another 4 micro-brews to the tally. The first, was a beer called Hop Stoopid. Pretty hoppy, but really good. I’d rate as a “would drink again.” Then my friend Ryan brought me over a bottle of Hop Slam. Always a great source for new beers, I wasn’t disappointed. I’d definitely throw one down again. And speaking of Ryan, while at his house, he gave me a glass of his home made micr0-brew. It was pretty tasty from what I remember (was a while ago). But I’m eager to sample his next batch of homebrew.  Last, was a beer I had while at my favorite restaurant Two Brothers. It was a special beer they had in called Cuvee Des Jacobins Rouge from belgium. Pretty expensive as far as beers go, but it was pretty tasty. Described as Sweet and Sour, Tart and Savory and smells like a backyard. Which i’d find to be pretty accurate.

87. Make a batch of beer.

While were on the subject of beers, I can finally cross one item off on my list. These past few weeks me and heather busted out the Mr. Beer kit and brewed up a batch of Octoberfest. Can’t wait to try it, it should be ready in about another week at least. But I have 16 resealable “grolsh” bottles. Bottoms up!

76. Try 5 new restaurants.

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to try a new restaurant, but I finally did. After our favorite hangout 2 brothers had a 1 hour wait, we drove around all over looking for a new dinner spot. Luckily, we stumbled across a burger place called Meatheads. Custom burgers, chili cheese fries, lots of weight watchers points, My kind of place! It wasn’t the best hamburger I’ve ever hard, but the food was good and I’d go back for sure.

27. Play 1 board game from every shelf in the “library”

Making progress on the board game item is always fun. With our usual RPG game canceled for one night, we busted out some board games. Shadows over Camelot came off the shelf. I love a good Co-op game. For those that have played, it can be sometimes hard to win, but win we did. And probably had the easiest time we ever had. Go us!

26. Try 10 new board games

For new games, I tried a game called Red November. Another co-op game where you are a group of gnomes trying to survive on a doomed submarine. Great concept, and I liked it (heather clearly didn’t). The only big downside of the game is that there can be a lot of downtime before your next turn. The game has a few quirky mechanics that I didn’t like as well. I’d play it again, but probably not add it to my collection.

67. Read 5 new fiction books.

Following up on my last post, I finished a book called The Two Swords. The 3rd in a fantasty series. It was a good book, R.A. Salvatore is a pretty good author. Although now I’m stuck with nothing to read again, so I’ve began making headway on goal #5.

13. Give heather flowers 5 times.

Ah Valentine’s day. Where, as one video game I played said about it, the combination of “commerce and reproduction.” Heather loves flowers so I figured what better time then to give her a lovely bouquet. Although I don’t really need a commercial holiday to tell her I love her. Take that Sweetess day.

19. Cook 5 meals for heather of her choosing.

And last we have this one. I told heather for valentine’s day she could choose anything and I’d cook it for her. After MUCH deliberation she finally got me a decision……Seafood! So with the ball in my court, I planned/cooked a pretty tasty meal for her: Garlic Bread, Crab and Corn Bisque, Salmon Cakes with Fiery Red Pepper Salsa and Lemon Garlic Shrimp. All Weight Watcher approved recipes, it was a really tasty meal with clearly not enough leftovers. 🙂

Well that’s it for this update, hopefully the next one will have a bit more then 1 item fully crossed off!


Last for the year…

December 28, 2009

The year is almost over and I figured it’s time for one more update on my 101 list progress.

One of my favorite goals was #52, go a Chicago Bears game. I haven’t been to Solider’s Field in a long time (not since before the new stadium), so I have been looking forward to doing that for a while. The positive side of the Bear’s dismal season is that tickets are dirt cheap now. So me, heather and my parents went to the Bears-Rams game. We got some greats seats, 19 rows up from the field. Although it was pretty cold outside, we had a blast and can’t wait to go back again (it was also one of the few games they actually won this season).

Another easy one I was able to cross off was #34, go work out with Heather. She is also bugging me to go work out with her, so one friday evening, we decided to head over to Cardinal Fitness to try out the stair climber. We are both doing the Hustle up the Hancock this year and it was time to start training. Not much more to say on this one. It was about as exciting as one could expect from an hour at the gym. 🙂

I finally made a bit of progress on #10, 5 acts of kindness. My parents have a hankering for Italian Lunch meat (which is somewhat hard to get in Wisconsin), so last week, I went to the deli for them and picked up an order of groceries. I had thought it would have been a 10 minute trip, but apparently everyone was stocking up for Christmas meals and it took me a good 45 minutes to get in and out of there. I was able to reap some of the benefits as the sampled some while we were up there, so that was nice. Hope you guys enjoy the food.

One to cross off the list that actually required a bit of work was #33, get a new belt in Tang So Doo. I think it has been almost a year since I last tested, and I survived many classes, as well as breaking my toe (a bit of a setback). I went through a 2 and a half hour test, and in the end, I passed. During the graduation, I was even able to break the boards I needed too on my first try. So that was good. Only 2 more belts to go before black. But I still have a long way to go as far as I’m concerned.

I made my first bit of progress on #67, read 5 new fiction books. This one had been sitting on my shelf for a while and I finally got around to reading it. The book was The Lone Drow, part of a fantasy fiction series I have been reading. It was better than I had thought it’d be, my only gripe is the publisher cheaped out and the print is super small. Either that or I’m just getting really old. Maybe both. Oh well, 4 more to go.

Similiar to the last one, I made my first bit of progress on #99, add and watch 5 dvds to my collection. This one was Star Trek. I saw it in the theater and absolutely loved it. So I made sure to pick it up when it was released. It did take me a couple of weeks to carve out the free time to watch it. But it was just as entertaining as the first one. I’d highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it.

My last update for the year would be to cross off #18, Spend an evening relaxing and finish a bottle of wine together. For our own Christmas this year, we spent Saturday together. I made a nice dinner of Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon and lobster tails. We cracked open a nice bottle of red and just relaxed on the couch. All in all it was a nice relaxing evening.

Well that’s it for the year. 15 goals out of 101 crossed of the list. Many more started. I still have hundreds of days left, so I’m not too worried. I hope to have a lot more progress made as 2010 comes to a close.


Cross ’em off the list…

November 28, 2009

So it’s been a while since I’ve made an update. I figured I’d better let you all know I’m still working twords these goals. So I have made progress on a few of them and even crossed a few off. I think it’s been around a month since my last update, so here are where things stand now on the 101 list

First up is #89, try a bottle of wine from every continent (except Antarctica of course). I’m happy to report that my world traveling taste buds have not tried wine from 3 different continents. Australia, North America and Europe. The first was a wine called My Cousin Vino from lovely Europe. Sticking with my beer explanation techniques, I’d rate this wine as a “would buy again.”  It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t outstanding either. Moving over to Australia, I tried a wine called Jacob’s Creek Reserve. IT was tasty for a Shiraz I’d say and I’d give it the same rating. Lastly, comign all the way from good ole, Utica, IL. Is a wine called Hallowine. I picked it up on a campaign trip to Starved Rock State Park a few years ago. I figured it’d be fun to have it with Thanksgiving. It was an apple wine with cinnamon and nutmeg. I’d probably rate it on the Tony scale of “Meh.” It was Ok, it wasn’t bad, but after a glass or so, I was done with it. I doubt I’d buy it again, but it was neat to try.

Next up on the list is #11, give blood 2 times. I haven’t given blood since high school, and I only did it then to get out of gym class for the day. But i know it’s a good thing to do and my A- blood type is somewhat rare (so I hear).  So my and my friend Tyler made an appointment (on Halloween of all days) and went over to the blood bank. The process was pretty painless. Honestly, I think it was worse for the people working there as they had to deal with my quirky sense of humor for a couple house. Poor bastards. I tried to race Tyler to see who could fill the bag first, but we didnt get to start at the same time, he lucked out. But at the end I got cookies and juice and the warm fuzzy feeling of being able to help people. So yea me! One more to go and I can cross it off the list!

Next item on the chopping block is #75, participate in an art fair at a new location. So as most of you know, I participated in a “Holiday Boutique”  in early November. Without getting too much into specifics, I’ll just go on the record of saying it was a pretty big failure, short of being a total waste of time. The only thing that saved the day was I had a bunch of friends stop by to talk that I hadn’t seen in a while. Other than that, as fair’s go, it was a colossal thumbs down. Oh well, you can’t win them all.

Staying on the glass theme, I did complete #65, create a glass item that takes 2 hands to hold. After a bit of glass vacation I finally got back in the hot shop and decided to go balls out. I made this rather large vase (wish I had someone there to give you a sense of scale, but it’s probably over a foot big). It was a beast to make and I was sweating and hurting doing it, but thanks to the timely help of my glass blowing superior Bob Fritz he was able to talk me through and assist me in finishing the piece off. Not the best thing i’ve ever made, but certainly the biggest! I now know the reast i don’t normally work that big. That was rough!

I’ve actually made 2 units of progress on lucky #13, give heather flowers 5 times. The first was just because. I was trying home and thought of her, so I swung by the store and picked her up a dozen roses. She was quite happy! The second time was for her birthday, I was at the store getting ingredients for her lunch and I saw a mini-rose plant and I picked it up for her. Hopefully these will last longer than the cut flowers. So she can enjoy them every day!

On the physical fitness front, I finished #38, do 50 pushups without stopping. In karate class we did some fitness testing and we had to do as many as we could in 1 minute. I was able to crank out 57 pushups before flopping to the ground. Unfortunately on the situp side, I only cleared 70, so I got some work to do there. But one for two isn’t bad.

Settlers of Catan

Last night we had some friends over, and decided to play a game. We busted out the 3d anniversary of Settlers of Catan. For those that aren’t in the know, this is a massive, hand painted version of one of my favorite games. As this was the only game on a particualr shelf, it counts for number 27, play one game from each shelf on the game library. We had a blast and I’m happy to report, yours truely, pulled out the W. I always have fun playing that game and never hesitate to break out the box version.

Lastly, I’m really happy to say I finished #77,  Find a new recipe that makes bacon even better. For Heather’s birthday lunch, I made her a Bacon and Brie sandwich. It was essentially a BLT on steroids. For those wondering, I took 2 slices of multi-grain bread, some applewood bacon, slices of brie, slices of granny smith apples and some dijon mustard and put it together into a taste-bud thrilling sandwich that was fricking awesome. We will totally be eating this again. Any time I can find a new way to use bacon, It makes me happy. Best Food Ever!

Well that’s it for this time. I think I’ve made some good progress over the past month and see some good updates coming in the future. See you on the next update!


Made some more progress…

October 24, 2009
Making sauce with the P's.

Making sauce with the P's.

A few more goals finished and a few more started. First on the list is #83 (and the first one done from the food category) Make Spaghetti Sauce. This involved a trip up to good ole Wisconsin to visit the family. Under the instruction of my mother, she imparted the old family recipe and I cooked and chopped a big ole pot of sauce. It was a pretty fun time I must say. I really like cooking and I’ve never made a giant pot of sauce before. I think I’m going to be stocked up for quite a while. Both my mother and father tried to impart their secret wisdom of what ingredient should be added at what time. It’s always and adventure cooking around those too, but I’m grateful for both their help and it was a cool experience!

So while I was up visiting the family, I took the opportunity to cross another item off the list. #31, teach my family a new game. I knew this one wouldn’t be too much of a challenge, as I have LOTS of games to choose from. But it’s not like I can bring up the newest war game and expect them to jump on it. 🙂 So I grabbed the “always a favorite” Jungle Speed. Pretty much anytime we’ve played this with a large group it has been a hit. So needless to say, they loved it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get every family member in on the play, but the ones that were there had a good time. My mother even asked what all the excitement was about (when she was in the other room). For anyone looking for a fun, easy to learn game, I’d highly recommend this one, especially to break into people that still think Monopoly is a fun game. (it’s not)

So I’m very happy to report progress on #70, pay off both cars. Yesterday, we successfully paid off Heathers 2005 Pontiac G6. We have been working hard to get rid of this payment, and finished it off almost 2 years early!  It’s a great feeling to be done with paying for that car. That’s hundreds of dollars a month that we don’t have to worry about anymore.  So we will not start trying to tackle the other car. Hopefully by this time next year, I can be reporting to you that #70 is finally done. I absolutely hate having car payments and it will be so nice to not have any.

IMG_0363Next on the list is #2, volunteer at a charity. Last night we went out with some other people and volunteered at Feed My Starving Children. For anyone who has never heard of this organization, they are pretty amazing. They have worked with scientists to develop a meal that will feed and nourish a starving child. It’s basically powdered protein (that’s flavored like chicken), dehydrated veggies, soy and rice. So we went there to volunteer. What we do is, working with your group, you package this meal (all the food is packaged by volunteers) to send to starving children in 3rd world countries. Basically you work in assembly line fashion, putting the 4 ingredients into a bag, someone seals it and you package and box it up. So our group worked for about 2 IMG_0362hours and we managed to pack up 22 boxes of meals. Each box contains 36 bags of meals, and each bag contains 6 meals for a child. So our small group alone was able to package 4,752 meals. Overall, there were 100 people there on our shift and packed up 107 boxes, 23, 112 total meals.  Basically we were able to feed 64 children 1 meal a day for a year. It was a really great experience and I’d highly recommend it for anyone wanting to do something for someone else. It’s great with a group/family because you all get to work together. I’m sure we’ll be doing it again.

And lastly, I started on #81. Try 10 new micro brews. Well after our FMSC experience last night, we went out to one of my favorite

Gravity Pale Ale

Gravity Pale Ale

restaurants to hang out. Two Brothers Brewery and Tap House. Despite their crappy website, their food is really good and their beers are awesome. I have a feeling I’ll be trying most of my brews for #81 from this place. I tried their Gravity Pale Ale. I’m far from a beer connoisseur, but I know what I like. And this was pretty tasty. I can’t tell you if it was full bodied or supre hoppy, since I’m not that adversed in beer tasting (I’ll leave that to my friend Ryan who seems more knowledgeable on such things). But for a pale ale, it wasn’t too bitter and I easily had a second.

So that’s it for this time, I think I’m making some decent progress. It feels good to cross things off the list. See you on the next update.


Moving Along…

October 12, 2009

So a couple of weeks have gone by now, and I’ve made some more baby steps. No major items crossed off the list, just 1 goal completion and a few partials. The one goal i did accomplish was #94, Reach 1000 “tweets” on twitter. So what was my profound thought I decided to share with the twitterverse? I was a complaining about the Chicago Bears bye week this week. Rightfully so too, as I had no game to liven up my Sunday this week! I’m not sure how long it took me to reach this milestone, but I’m guessing it was well over a year.  I know Heather passed this mark a long time ago, but then again, she has a lot more to say then I do.

So, other goals I’ve made progress towards. One of my favorites, #27. Play 1 game from each shelf in the board game library. The new lucky winner was from shelf 18, a great game called Jungle Speed!  I’m happy to report there are no lasting injurys from this game (anyone familir with it, will understand). Although we did have one player run across the table after the totem! We played with 8 players and it was an absolute blast.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

The next goal I made progress towards was number #26, play 10 new board games. Me and heather worked on this one toight and grabbed a game off a shelf in the library I have never played. Sadly, there a quite a few “shelf games” or unopened boxes of games that looked cool, but I never had time to play. So the lucky winner was The Great Wall of China.  A fun little card game that forces you to make decisions with your head an not your heart (there were times when I wanted to take the “Trick” just to have it, but decided to hold back was a smarter move). This is one of those games that will clearly be much more fun with more players. It wasn’t bad with 2, but could really use a few more people to make it more fun. All in all, I’d play it again.

But that’s about it for this update. I did throw some starting numbers down for #38 & #39 (pushups and situps), but those aren’t really reflective of my current max. I just counted how many i did consecutively in martial arts class this week and used that to get something up there. someday I’ll actually try and see how many I can do.

So not a very exciting update, but I wanted to get something out there for my loyal list followers (Hi Mom!).  We’ll see if we can’t make the next update a little better 🙂


One Week Down…

September 26, 2009

Week one is in the books and I’ve already crossed a couple goals off my list and started a few more. The first one I started was (#14) buy Heather (posted edited to capitalize Heather’s name, to make her more “cool” (her words)) 5 random presents. Well, last friday I bought her a t-shirt that I thought would look nice on her (and it does). I figured with her new hardcore guitar playing, she needs a rockin shirt. So I got her this one from Threadless.com. So that’s 1 of 5 done for that goal.

The Great Space Race Board Game

The Great Space Race Board Game

Another one of my goals was to (#26 )play 1 board game from every shelf in my game library.  I have 18 shelves in my game library, and some games can take up to 8 hours to play, so I imagine this goal will take some time. Anyway, our DM was absent from game night, so our DnD game got shelved for one night. (no pun intended). So the first game we decided to play was Bang!, it’s a spaghetti western type of card game. You each have certain secret goals you need to achieve to win (such as the sheriff killing the outlaws or the outlaws killing the sheriff.) Well, the first player out was my lovely wife (she was a outlaw), but the renegade and the deputy fell soon after that. That just left yours truly (and outlaw) and the sheriff. Well I’d like to say I pulled out the W in the end, but the sheriff brought me down (although it was close).
Board game 2 for the night was a fun game called The Great Space Race (see image to the right). This game involved players racing their space ships around a course as fast as possible while dodging mines, gun towers and other ships. The game took a lot longer than we thought it would, but I’m happy to report that I took the win. It was more so by default since just about everyone else blew up their ship, but it was a fun time nonetheless.

Another started goals was my (#76) try 5 new restaurants goal. Since we love to eat out, I have a feeling this one will be done REALLY quick. So tonight we decided to try out a place called Thai Garden in Schaumburg. We are meeting up with some old Willow friends and they picked the place. It was a bit of a hike to get there, but we made it in time. I ordered a Spicy Noodle dish. I told them to hold the veggies and just put chicken and beef in it (with the noodles of course). I don’t know if I just like spicy food a lot, or growing up with my spice loving father, but the spicy noodles were not very spicy. So I ladled healthy portions of some hot sauce that was in a jar on the table, which helped to give it a zing. Overall I’d say the place was just OK. I realized about halfway though, my dish was pretty similar to what I get at the Mongolian Stir Fry place down the road, which I love. Plus it would have been all you can eat, so next time I think I might suggest we go there. 🙂  But I might go back to Thai Garden, just not that often.

Now those are all great, but I bet you’re wondering if I will ever actually cross one off the list (except for my cheaty blog one). I have in fact crossed 2 off this week! One of which I’m pretty excited about. (#64) Get on the Chicago Bears season tickets waiting list. Well we signed up today for 4 season tickets. Doing a little research on the internet has led me to believe that there are at least 5000 people ahead of us on the list. And Judging by the excitement that Cutler, Forte and the rest of the offense is generating this season, I think we will be on this list for at least the next 10 years. But who knows, stranger things have happened. At least we are on there and now we play the waiting game (even though the waiting game sucks).

Heather's New SparkleyAnd the last goal I finished this week (and probably Heather’s favorite) is #17, buy Heather a nice piece of jewelry for no special occasion. Well if you know Heather, than you know she likes her sparkley jewelry. So this week, I surprised her by making her a nice dinner of Chili pepper chicken, grilled steak fries and avacado salad. I told her that I had picked up a special desert. so after dinner I brought out a small plate with a bowl on top. When she opened it, there was a little blue box with a silver bracelet inside (see photo to the right). Needless to say, she was pretty excited. I told her it was for all she has accomplished over the past year, and for being such a supportive wife for me all these years.

So that’s where I’m at after 1 week. Lets hope every week is this productive!