The 101 List

Goals Completed (57/101)

Spiritual Growth (4/11)
1. Memorize a bible verse that is important to me
2. Volunteer at a charity/non-profit (Complete Oct. 2009)
3. Complete a devotional with my wife
4. Make an anonymous financial donation to someone who really needs it
5. Read the entire New Testament
6. Volunteer at church outside the normal serving (Complete March 2010)
7. Fast for 24 hours
8. Send a care package to someone (Complete June  2010)
9. Read a spiritual/religious book other than the bible.
10. Do 5 random acts of kindness (Complete December  2010)
11. Give blood 2 times (1/2)

Heather (6/10)
12. Write a “to be read” letter to Heather
Give heather flowers 5 times (Complete Jan. 2011)
14. Give her 5 random gifts (Complete Dec. 2010)
15. Take her on a surprise date
16. Take heather on a shopping trip to only stores she wants to go to
17. Give heather a piece of jewelry for no special occasion (Complete Sept. 2009)
18. Spend an evening relaxing & finish a bottle of wine (Complete Dec. 2009)
19. Watch the sun set from a quiet place with heather (Complete July 2010)
20. Teach heather how to juggle
21. Get heather to do Something with her wedding dress (Complete Jan. 2011)

Games (6/9)
Run a DnD campaign in a campaign setting i created (Complete May 2010)
23. Get every achievement in 1 Xbox 360 game (Complete July 2010)
24. Get every achievement in 1 Xbox Arcade 360 game
Try 10 new board games (10/10)(Complete Aug. 2009)

Play 1 board game from every shelf in the “library” (7/18)

27. Win money at the craps table in a casino
28. Win the Super Bowl with the Bears on Madden Football (normal difficulty) (Complete Nov. 2010)
29. Teach my family to play a game they haven’t played (Complete Oct. 2009)
30. Paint a mini for my DnD character (Complete Nov. 2010)

Fitness (7/7)
Gain a new rank in Tang Soo Do (Complete Dec. 2009)
32. Go work out with heather (Complete Nov. 2009)
33. Participate in some kind of fitness challenge (Complete Feb. 2010)
34. Do 50 push ups without stopping (57/50)
35. Do 100 crunches without stopping (100/100) (Complete Dec. 2010)
36. Get a physical (Complete May 2010)
37. Go 2 weeks without eating fast food (Complete March 2010)

Visit (4/12)
Visit another continent
39. Visit a country I’ve never been to. (Complete March. 2011)
40. Visit a country I’m not fluent in the language of
41. Visit the Bristol Renaissance Faire.
42. Go to Midieval Times again
43. Visit an island (must be outside the continental United States) (Complete March. 2011)
44. Visit a Major US city I’ve never been to
45. Go to the top of the Sears Tower
46. Visit an Art Museum i haven’t been to before (Complete March. 2011)
47. Visit a Chicago Museum
48. See a U.S. landmark
49. Attend a fair or festival (Complete June  2010)

Recreational (8/14)
Go to a Bears game (Complete Dec. 2009)
51. Go Camping
52. Go to a Chicago Blackhawks game
53. See the Amazing Jonathan perform live
54. Go Sledding (Complete Dec. 2010)
55. Build a large sandcastle (Complete March. 2011)
56. Try Scuba diving
57. Juggle fire for someone who hasn’t seen me do it before (Complete July 2010)
58. See the series Finale of lost (Complete May 2010)
59. Go to the Drive-In
60. Take someone sailing who has never been (Complete Aug. 2010)
61. Throw a big summer bash (Complete July 2010)
62. Attend one of heather’s brother’s sporting events
63. Get on the Bears season tickets waiting list (Completed September 2009)

Learn/Grow (9/12)
Create a something in glass that takes 2 hands to hold (Completed Oct. 2009)
65. Sand cast my face in glass (Complete Nov 2010)
66. Read 5 new fiction books (4/5)
67. Read 2 new non-fiction books (2/2) (Complete June  2010)
68. Deposit 50% of my paycheck into a savings account. Twice (Complete Feb. 2011)
69. Pay off both cars (2/2) (Complete June  2010)
70. Play a full song on my Bass guitar (Complete June  2010)
71. Play a full song on bass while heather plays the guitar part
72. Learn to restring my guitar (Complete Nov 2010)
73. Write to my congressman about an issue I care about (Complete May. 2011)
74. Make a piece of furniture out of wood
75. Participate in an art fair at a new location (Completed November 2009)

Food (8/12)
Try 5 new restaurants (5/5) (Complete Aug. 2010)
77. Find a new recipe that makes bacon even better (Completed November 2009)
78. Eat an animal I’ve never tried before
79. Try a new type of seafood (Complete January 2011)
80. Cook something using a smoker
81. Try 10 new Microbrew beers I have never tried (Complete March 2010)
82. Try Kobe Beef
83. Make spaghetti sauce from scratch (Complete Oct. 2009)
84. Cook a gourmet dinner for 4 people
85. Make a batch of beer (Complete Feb. 2010)
86. Make my own wine (Complete May 2010)
87. Drink a bottle of wine from every continent (except Antarctica) (Complete Oct 2010)

Miscellaneous (5/12)
88. Write a blog (Completed September 2009)
89. Fly in a helicopter
90. Make an “offsite” computer backup for me and heather’s laptops (Complete March. 2011)
91. Fill out the picture frame in our bedroom with photos
92. Throw a letter in a bottle into the ocean
93. Write a “thank you” letter to my parents
94. Reach 1000 “tweats” on twitter (Completed September 2009)
95. Remodel 1 room in my house
96. Get a new Bears jersey for me and heather (1/2)
97. Send 5 postcards (Complete March. 2011)
98. Get an accessory for my Honda Element
99. Add 5 DVDs to my collection and watch them (Complete Jan. 2011)
100. Get a new watch
101. Go out to dinner to celebrate the completion of this list



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  2. VERY impressive – and somewhat inspirational. It looks like you’ve already done several of these – I guess this means you want to do it again, huh? (Hey, put us on your list for the gourmet meal!)
    Doreen & Bob

  3. #95 didn’t you already do this one with the bathroom renovation on u tube?

  4. #83 Family Recipe
    1 to 1 1/2 lbs of Hamburger
    1 clove garlic or 1/2 tsp garlic powder
    1 medium onion chopped
    Brown these ingredients together

    1 lg can of organic tomato paste
    2 lg cans of tomato sauce
    2 cans of water
    1 Tbsp. Worcheshire Sauce
    2 Tbsp. White Vinegar
    1 1/2 Tbsp. Sugar
    1 Tsp Italian Seasonings

    Simmer uncovered 1- 1 1/2 hours
    Refrigerate overnight and reheat for use the next day.


  5. Awesome. Any of those food challenges…well, you know my website. I’m at your disposal.

    Now to add this to my Google reader…

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  10. That’s an interesting list – good luck with completing it!

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